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Jeongseon Arirang

Sorrowful yet beautiful Soul in Korea

Arirang, lyrical folk song in the Republic of Korea



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Jingle Dancer

Jingle Dancer by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Jenna, a contemporary Muscogee (Creek) girl in Oklahoma, wants to honor a family tradition by jingle dancing at the next powwow. But where will she find enough jingles for her dress?

A warm family story, beautifully evoked in Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu’s watercolor art.


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J was…

by Edmund Dulac: Lyrics Pathetic & Humorous


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Bali: Folk Musicbali_folk_music

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by Alice Tegnér


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Je te dis merci


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by Virna Sheard

The Ballad of the Quest

Now by every meadow-side the buttercups blow—
(O June, you are spendthrift of your gold!)
Green are the uplands where the little lambs go,
Green and glad the forests that are old.
Once again the summer weaves on her magic loom,
Cloth of clover,—fairy web of wheat;—
Only Mary’s alabaster box of perfume
Ever made the passing wind more sweet.
Even through the city where the dusty roads run,
Blue runs now the river to the sea.
Tender is the twilight when the long day is done,—
Infinite the stars’ tranquillity.
Not forever are the rains or the winter snows,
All these past—nor shall be overlong,—
And with every lovely June cometh the rose,
The sweet blue dusk,—a night-bird’s wonder-song!

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