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Only when…

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realiZe we cannot eat money.”

-Cree Indian Proverb



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Leonardo’s Cat

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I’m Hans Christian Ansersen

Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser


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Fly, Flight, Fugit

by Squeak Carnwath

“When I’m in a plane,” said Squeak Carnwath, “I often think about things that fly naturally. This work is about those things—bees, flags, snow, bugs, mercury, rain, and flights of fancy.” Much of Carnwath’s work is about her own thoughts, reactions, and memories.

What other things that fly naturally come to your mind?
What does ‘fugit’ mean?


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BOARD BOOK: Artsy Cats

Artsy Cats Board Book

A pawsitively purrfect tour through modern art history! Introduce modern art meowsters with this book of adorable cat portraits, each inspired by an iconic style of art. The Artsy Cats Board Book from Mudpuppy features clever kitty-inspired artist names and painting credits, from Clawed Monet to Paw Klee.

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ART: Monet’s Biscuit Cat

Is it a biscuit or a cat?
What is the answer to all that?

A glazed biscuit cat

Claude Monet’s Glazed Biscuit Kitty Cat Returns to the Artist’s Home

Monet’s Biscuit Cat Found After Years of Being Lost

Monet’s lost cat returned to its home in Giverny


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La mer s’est retirée

de Jacques Charpentreau

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