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Story of Flowers

Azuma Makoto, Katie Scott, James Paulley
The animation was developed for kids to show the life cycle of flowers.

Many different flowers are growing beautifully and strongly in this world. Taking their roots in the earth, sprouting, blooming, pollination by birds and insects, living on in spite of rain, wind and storms.
They pass on the baton of life, rebirth and decay.
Everything is so in a continuous, endless cycle. This is the story and message of this animation.


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Happy Iris Day!

Happy Iris Day! Postcard

Happy Iris Day! Postcard

by aWorld2Celebrate


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Absent Place — an April Day —

by Emily Dickinson

Absent Place — an April Day —
Daffodils a-blow
Homesick curiosity
To the Souls that snow —

Drift may block within it
Deeper than without —
Daffodil delight but
Him it duplicate —

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by Shel Silverstein

Underneath the poet tree
Come and rest awhile with me
And watch the way the word web weaves
Between the shady story leaves.

The branches of the poet tree
Reach from the mountains to the sea.
So come and sit . . . and dream . . . and climb—
Just don’t get hit by falling rhymes.


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The best time to plant a tree?

Twenty years ago.
The second best time?


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Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky

We fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.”

-Khalil Gibran


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The Arborglyph


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