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Three Little Emigrants

by Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
A Romance Of Cork Harbour, 1884

The soldier’s coat was English-red,
And Irish-red was Katy’s cheek:
“But he’s a handsome boy,” she said,
“And it’s to-night he means to speak.

“Who’s English-born is not to blame
For that! (He would become the green.)
Sure, but it is a burning shame
To think he will stand by the Queen.

“He and Sir Garnet, side-by-side,
Fought beautifully, though, out there, –
Faith! he’s splendid scar to hide
With all that elegant black hair!”


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The Cat Came Back


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Here Comes Teacher Cat


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INDIA: Manjhi Moves a Mountain

by Nancy Churnin
Illustrated by Danny Popovici

Dashrath Manjhi used a hammer and chisel, grit, determination, and twenty years to carve a path through the mountain separating his poor village from the nearby village with schools, markets, and a hospital. Manjhi Moves a Mountain shows how everyone can make a difference if their heart is big enough.


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ABC Books…

…Aren’t for Babies

Looking for some inspiration for an activity that will engage students — from kindergarten to college — while they learn? Why not challenge students to create their own ABC books? Included: More than 200 ABC book ideas — spanning the grades and the curriculum.


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by Patrick McDonnell

It starts with an ALLIGATOR and a BEAR chasing a CAT


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Digital Archive of Soviet Children’s Books

A Digital Archive of Soviet Children’s Books Goes Online: Browse the Artistic, Ideological Collection (1917-1953)

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