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Fly Away

by Rebecca Troon
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A larvae crawls from a tiny egg
Munches milkweed leaves all day
She grows and grows, then sheds her skin
Her colors warn of poison within.

Oh, fly away
Fly we say
Everybody fly one day
The caterpillar can only crawl
But the butterfly flies away.

She stores her fat for a special day
Then forms herself in the shape of a “J”
Sheds to reveal a chrysalis
It’s time for her metamorphosis.

Tick tock, tick tock, twelve days pass
The butterfly comes out at last
She dries her wings, rests in a gum tree
Sips flower nectar oh so sweet.

She travels on for many days
Finds a mate and lays her eggs
Orange, black and white she flashes by
The lovely monarch butterfly


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