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Father’s Valentine

by Jack Prelutsky

I’m working on a valentine,
my very special own design,
a heart to give my Dad tonight…
(it’s quite a chore to get it right).

The first time that I cut it out,
one side was thin, the other stout…
And so I tried to fix it, but,
I made an error when I cut.

I wasn’t careful, though I tried,
and overcut the other side…
Just one more snip should do it, then….
Whoops! I cut too much again!

A snip off here, a snip off there,
and maybe just another hair….
It’s finally done, but understand,
it’s somewhat smaller than I’d planned.

It’s not much bigger than a bean…
the tiniest heart I’d ever seen.
I guess I’ll give it to him now…
I bet he likes it anyhow!



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