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Fairy Shoes

by Annette Wynne

The little shoes that fairies wear
Are very small indeed;
No larger than a violet bud,
As tiny as a seed.

The little shoes that fairies wear
Are very trim and neat;
They leave no tracks behind for those
Who search along the street.

The little shoes of fairies are
So light and soft and small
That though a million passed you by
You would not hear at all.



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The Cats Have Come to Tea

Marigold Garden
by Kate Greenaway

WHAT did she see–oh, what did she see,
As she stood leaning against the tree?
Why all the Cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out–from round about,
All the houses had let them out,
And here they were with scamper and shout.

“Mew–mew–mew!” was all they could say,
And, “We hope we find you well to-day.”

Oh, what should she do–oh, what should she do?
What a lot of milk they would get through;
For here they were with “Mew–mew–mew!”

She didn’t know–oh, she didn’t know,
If bread and butter they’d like or no;
They might want little mice, oh! oh! oh!

Dear me–oh, dear me,
All the cats had come to tea.


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by Mary Coleridge

I had a boat and the boat had wings;

And I did dream that we went a-flying

Over the heads of queens and kings,

Over the souls of dead and dying,

Up among the stars and the great white rings,

And where the moon on her back is lying.

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by Kate Greenaway

“Are you going next week to see Phillis and Phoebe?

Phillis on Monday will be just fourteen.

She says we shall all have our tea in the garden,

And afterwards have some nice games on the green.

“I wanted a new frock, but mother said, ‘No,’

So I must be content with my old one you see.

But then white is so pretty, and kind Aunt Matilda

Has sent down a beautiful necklace for me.”


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by Kate Greenaway

Little Molly and Damon

Are walking so far,

For they’re going to see

Their kind Grandmamma.

And they very well know,

When they get there she’ll take

From out of her cupboard

Some very nice cake.

And into her garden

They know they may run,

And pick some red currants,

And have lots of fun.

So Damon to doggie

Says, “How do you do?”

And asks his mamma

If he may not go too.


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Marigold Garden
Pictures and Rhymes

It is a Party, do you know,

And there they sit, all in a row,

Waiting till the others come,

To begin to have some fun.

Hark! the bell rings sharp and clear,

Other little friends appear;

And no longer all alone

They begin to feel at home.

To them a little hard is Fate,

Yet better early than too late;

Fancy getting there forlorn,

With the tea and cake all gone.

Wonder what they’ll have for tea;

Hope the jam is strawberry.

Wonder what the dance and game;

Feel so very glad they came.

Very Happy may you be,

May you much enjoy your tea.


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A Busy Day for Birds

National Bookstart Week 2018
Celebrate the Bookstart Bird Boogie

Imagine you were a bird – what would you do?
You might peck at some tree bark, swoop like a starling or catch a fly with your beak. All in all, you’d keep pretty busy!


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