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Julia: A Life in Mathematics

Happy Birthday, Julia Robinson!

In high school Julia Bowman stood alone as the only girl – and the best student – in the junior and senior math classes. She had only one close friend and no boyfriends. Although she was to learn that there are such people as mathematicians, her ambition was merely to get a job teaching mathematics in high school. At great sacrifice her widowed stepmother sent her to the University of California at Berkeley. But at Berkeley, in a society of mathematicians, she discovered herself. There was also a prince at Berkeley, a brilliant young assistant professor named Raphael Robinson. Theirs was to be a marriage that would endure until her death in 1985. Julia is the story of Julia Bowman Robinson, the gifted and highly original mathematician who during her lifetime was recognized in ways that no other woman mathematician had ever been recognized. This unusual book brings together in one volume the prizewinning Autobiography of Julia Robinson by her sister, the popular mathematical biographer Constance Reid, and three very personal articles about her work by outstanding mathematical colleagues.


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Butterfly in the Quantum World

Butterfly in the Quantum World


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The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus

By Hannah Fry and Thomas Oleron Evans

How do you apply game theory to select who should be on your Christmas shopping list ? Can you predict Her Majesty’s Christmas Message? Will calculations show Santa is getting steadily thinner – shimmying up and down chimneys for a whole night – or fatter – as he tucks into a mince pie and a glass of sherry in billions of houses across the world?

Full of diagrams, sketches and graphs, beautiful equations, Markov chains and matrices, The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus brightens up the bleak midwinter with stockingfuls of mathematical marvels. And proves once and for all that maths isn’t just for old men with white hair and beards who associate with elves.

Maths has never been merrier.


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Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin Abbott Abbott


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Notes on a Triangle

René Jodoin | 1966 | 4 min


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