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Rainbows on Eyelashes

by Misuzu Kaneko

I wipe and wipe
Yet they keep flowing,
Within my tears
A thought arises.

-I must be
An adopted child-

While I look and look
At the beautiful rainbows,
On the tips of my eyelashes
A thought arises.

-I wonder what
Today’s teatime snack will be-


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Are You an Echo?

The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko

Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko introduces the poetry of renowned Japanese children’s poet Misuzu Kaneko. A children’s picture book, it interweaves Misuzu’s moving life story with twenty-five new translations of her poetry alongside fifteen of the Japanese originals. Every page is filled with color illustrations by Japanese artist Toshikado Hajiri.

If I say, “ Let’s play?”
you say, “Let’s play!”
If I say “Stupid!”
you say “Stupid!”
If I say, “I don’t want to play anymore,”
you say, “I don’t want to play anymore.”
And then, after a while,
becoming lonely
I say, “Sorry.”
You say, “Sorry.”
Are you just an echo?
No, you are everyone.


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On A Beam of Light

A Story of Albert Einstein
by Jennifer Berne,
illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky

Travel along with Einstein on a journey full of curiosity, laughter, and scientific discovery. Parents and children alike will appreciate this moving story of the powerful difference imagination can make in any life.


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Happy Holi!

Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival

Dev and Ollie have just arrived in India to enjoy the amazing festival of colours, Holi. But Dev doesn’t like getting mucky! Will Dev’s magical bedtime owl, Ollie, be able to change Dev’s mind?


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My Heart

by Corinna Luyken

My heart is a window. My heart is a slide. My heart can be closed…or opened up wide.

Some days your heart is a puddle or a fence to keep the world out. But some days it is wide open to the love that surrounds you.


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When Santa Was a Baby



Santa’s parents think their little one is absolutely wonderful, even though he has a booming voice instead of a baby’s gurgle, loves to stand in front of the refrigerator, gives his birthday presents away, trains his hamsters to pull a matchbox sleigh … and has an unusual interest in chimneys. The adorably funny portrait of an oddball kid who fulfills his destiny – and two very proud parents.


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Sports et Divertissements

Music by Erik Satie
Illustrations by Charles Martin

This is a facsimile of an extremely rare collection of the French master’s brilliant thumbnail sketches — both musical and verbal — of various outdoor sports and amusements. Satie created these pieces to accompany an album of charming, sophisticated drawings by Charles Martin, a well-known illustrator of the day. The composer also added droll verbal commentaries and inscribed both words and music in an exquisite calligraphic hand.


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