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Chandoba Chandoba



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INDIA: Manjhi Moves a Mountain

by Nancy Churnin
Illustrated by Danny Popovici

Dashrath Manjhi used a hammer and chisel, grit, determination, and twenty years to carve a path through the mountain separating his poor village from the nearby village with schools, markets, and a hospital. Manjhi Moves a Mountain shows how everyone can make a difference if their heart is big enough.


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La leyenda de Retua-Dumila


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Ramayana for Children


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Distant Kin

Zakir Hussain’s ‘Distant Kin’ Brings Together Indian, Celtic Traditions

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The Princess who Outsmarted Death

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The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

The Emperor's RhinocerosThe Emperor’s Rhinoceros: The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

by Jack Trelawny

Ganda is a happy young rhinoceros living on the Plains of India. One day, he and his mother visit the watering hole. Ferocious hunters attack. Stolen and chained, Ganda begins an incredible journey: from Asia to Africa to Europe. Can the heroes – Ganda, Akeem the apprentice zookeeper, Princess Aisha of Gujarat, and Tikki the clever tickbird – foil the plans of Raja Kadar, the tyrant of Rajasthan?

Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros, a drawing and woodcut


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