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Happy Holi!

Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival

Dev and Ollie have just arrived in India to enjoy the amazing festival of colours, Holi. But Dev doesn’t like getting mucky! Will Dev’s magical bedtime owl, Ollie, be able to change Dev’s mind?


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Sita’s Ramayana

Sita’s Ramayana shifts the point of view of the Ramayana – the saga of a heroic war – to bring a woman’s perspective to this timeless epic. Narrated by the heroine Sita, it is a powerful meditation on the fate of women, as they become pawns in the wars between men and kingdoms. But Sita is not just a patient victim of events – she endures her fate with fortitude, until the moment she decides to challenge it. The book unites two women from very different backgrounds: young urban writer Samhita Arni collaborates with Patua scroll artist Moyna Chitrakar.


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Chandoba Chandoba


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INDIA: Manjhi Moves a Mountain

by Nancy Churnin
Illustrated by Danny Popovici

Dashrath Manjhi used a hammer and chisel, grit, determination, and twenty years to carve a path through the mountain separating his poor village from the nearby village with schools, markets, and a hospital. Manjhi Moves a Mountain shows how everyone can make a difference if their heart is big enough.


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La leyenda de Retua-Dumila


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Ramayana for Children


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Distant Kin

Zakir Hussain’s ‘Distant Kin’ Brings Together Indian, Celtic Traditions

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The Princess who Outsmarted Death

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The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

The Emperor's RhinocerosThe Emperor’s Rhinoceros: The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

by Jack Trelawny

Ganda is a happy young rhinoceros living on the Plains of India. One day, he and his mother visit the watering hole. Ferocious hunters attack. Stolen and chained, Ganda begins an incredible journey: from Asia to Africa to Europe. Can the heroes – Ganda, Akeem the apprentice zookeeper, Princess Aisha of Gujarat, and Tikki the clever tickbird – foil the plans of Raja Kadar, the tyrant of Rajasthan?

Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros, a drawing and woodcut


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Salim Baba


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