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by Alma Flor Ada
from World Make Way: New Poems Inspired by Art from The Metropolitan Museum

Music fills the room
as we play.
Seven of us grow
taking up all the space
leaving only enough room
for a couple to dance
with quick steps
her flying hair
in abandonment.
Two absorbed by our music
which continues to take over the world
everything else forgotten
like scattered litter strewn
on the dance floor.



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Jingle Dancer

Jingle Dancer by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Jenna, a contemporary Muscogee (Creek) girl in Oklahoma, wants to honor a family tradition by jingle dancing at the next powwow. But where will she find enough jingles for her dress?

A warm family story, beautifully evoked in Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu’s watercolor art.


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¡Olé! Flamenco

¡Olé! Flamenco
By George Ancona

FLAMENCO—it’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s guitar playing! It’s an exciting, expressive art form that has evolved over hundreds of years.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, we meet Janira Cordova, who is studying flamenco. The students in her dance company, Flamenco’s Next Generation, are eager to learn the tools of their art: how to move their hands, arms, feet, and bodies to the rhythms of the songs and music. When it is finally time to perform at Santa Fe’s annual Spanish Market, the young dancers can’t wait to get onstage and showcase their skills. As the singing, music, and clapping surround the dancers, Janira’s arms and hands flow through the air. Her skirt whirls. Her feet stamp the floor. Her dancing expresses her joy as she proudly carries on the colorful tradition of flamenco.


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Echad Mi Yodea


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by Antonio Gades & Carlos Saura | Teatro Real de Madrid

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