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All About Boys And Girls

by John Ciardi

I know all about boys, I do,
And I know all about little girls, too.
I know what they eat. I know what they drink.
I know what they like. I know what they think.

And so I’m writing this to say,
Don’t let children out to play.
It makes them sad.They’d rather go
To school or to the dentist. Oh,

I know they’re bashful about saying
How much it hurts to be out playing
When they could go to school and spell
And mind their manners. They won’t tell

How tired they are of games and toys.
But I know girls, and I know boys.
They like to sweep the floor, chop the wood,
And practice being very good.

They’d rather sit and study hard
Than waste the whole day in the yard.
What good is fun and making noise?
That’s not for girls ! That’s not for boys !

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