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Magic Squares

A beautiful learning puzzle from In Code: A Mathematical Journey

Here’s thekittycats story: The Magic Square, or Lo Shu

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One I love

One I love,
Two I love,
Three I love, I say.
Four I love with all my heart.
Five I cast away.

From Hana in the Time of the Tulips, a nice book for parents too…

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One grabs silver

Chinese Nursery Rhyme

One grabs silver,
Two grabs gold,
Three, don’t laugh
And you’ll grow old.

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Audio: (.rm / .wmv)

Bate, bate, chocolate,
Tu nariz de cacahuate.
Uno, dos, tres, CHO!
Uno, dos, tres, CO!
Uno, dos, tres, LA!
Uno, dos, tres, TE!
Chocolate, chocolate!
Bate, bate, chocolate!
Bate, bate, bate, bate!
Bate, bate, CHOCOLATE!

.en translation

Stir, stir, chocolate,
Your nose is a peanut.
One, two, three, CHO!
One, two, three, CO!
One, two, three, LA!
One, two, three, TE!
Chocolate, chocolate!
Stir, stir, the chocolate!
Stir, stir, stir, stir,
Stir, stir, CHOCOLATE!

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Un éléphant qui se balançait

Un éléphant qui se balançait
Sur une toile d’araignée
Trouva ce jeu si intéressant
Qu’il alla chercher un deuxième éléphant

Deux éléphants qui se balançaient
Sur une toile d’araignée, ohé, ohé,
Trouvèrent ce jeu si intéressant
Qu’ils allèrent chercher un troisième éléphant


autre fin:
Un éléphant qui se balançait
Sur une toile toile toile d’araignée
C’était un jeu tellement tellement amusant
Que tout à coup: Ba Da BouM!

autre version:
Un éléphant qui se balan-ance
Sur une assiette de faïence
Et comme cela l’amusait-ait-ait
Avec un autre il recommen-ence

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There’s a Cow on the Mountain

Traditional Chinese nursery rhyme

There’s a cow on the mountain, the old saying goes,
On her legs are four feet, on her feet are eight toes.
Her tail is behind on the end of her back,
And her head is in front on the end of her neck.

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This little frog has two eyes

Traditional Chinese Nursery Rhyme

This little frog has two eyes,
Four legs,
One mouth, no tail,
Says croak, croak and
Plops into the water.

These little frogs have four eyes,
Eight legs,
Two mouths, no tails,
Say croak, croak and

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One for sorrow

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a wedding,
Four for birth,
Five for rich,
Six for poor,
Seven for a witch,
I can tell you no more.

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