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Magic Squares

A beautiful learning puzzle from In Code: A Mathematical Journey

Here’s thekittycats story: The Magic Square, or Lo Shu

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We’re going to win

“One, two, three, four, how about another score;
Five, six, seven, eight – we’re going to WIN!”

Listen to a song about a football match.

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There’s a Cow on the Mountain

Traditional Chinese nursery rhyme

There’s a cow on the mountain, the old saying goes,
On her legs are four feet, on her feet are eight toes.
Her tail is behind on the end of her back,
And her head is in front on the end of her neck.

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This little frog has two eyes

Traditional Chinese Nursery Rhyme

This little frog has two eyes,
Four legs,
One mouth, no tail,
Says croak, croak and
Plops into the water.

These little frogs have four eyes,
Eight legs,
Two mouths, no tails,
Say croak, croak and

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Eight Pigs

Two mother pigs lived in a pen, (thumbs)
Each had four babies and that made ten. (fingers of both hands)
These four babies were black and white. (fingers of one hand)
These four babies were black as night. (fingers of the other hand)
All eight babies loved to play. (wiggle fingers)
And they rolled and they rolled in the mud all day. (roll hands)

Pig Poems, Limericks and Nursery Rhymes

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