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Domee Shi | 8min | 2018


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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year – Year of The Rat!

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Happy New Year!

Chinese Children’s Song: Happy New Year


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The myth behind the Chinese zodiac

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Chinese New Year

Year of the Rooster hosts two versions of ‘Start of Spring’

Today is the Start of Spring (立春), the first solar term of the year, which begins on Feb 3 and ends on Feb 17. Start of Spring lifts the curtain of spring. After that everything turns green and becomes full of vigor. People clearly can notice that daytime becomes longer and the weather gets warmer.

But according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, the year 2017 is a very special year, not only does it have 384 days, but also there will be two points of time this year considered as “Start of Spring”.


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Cowherd’s Flute


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Symbols of Chinese New Year

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