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by Misuzu Kaneko


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by Misuzu Kaneko

I wonder why
the rain that falls from black clouds
shines like silver.

I wonder why
the silkworm that eats green mulberry leaves
is so white.

I wonder why
the moonflower that no one tends
blooms on its own.

I wonder why
everyone I ask
about these things
laughs and says, “That’s just how it is.”


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Day and Night

by Misuzu Kaneko

After day comes night,
after night comes day.

From where can I see
this long, long rope,
its one end, and the other.


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Rainbows on Eyelashes

by Misuzu Kaneko

I wipe and wipe
Yet they keep flowing,
Within my tears
A thought arises.

-I must be
An adopted child-

While I look and look
At the beautiful rainbows,
On the tips of my eyelashes
A thought arises.

-I wonder what
Today’s teatime snack will be-


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A cloud

by Misuzu Kaneko

I want to be a cloud.
Fluffy, fluffy
From the far end of the blue sky
trying out everything.
In the night, I’ll play tag with Mrs Moon.

If I get bored even with that,
I will change into the rain.
Along with Mr Thunder,
I’ll jump and fall into the pond in your house.


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Are You an Echo?

The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko

Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko introduces the poetry of renowned Japanese children’s poet Misuzu Kaneko. A children’s picture book, it interweaves Misuzu’s moving life story with twenty-five new translations of her poetry alongside fifteen of the Japanese originals. Every page is filled with color illustrations by Japanese artist Toshikado Hajiri.

If I say, “ Let’s play?”
you say, “Let’s play!”
If I say “Stupid!”
you say “Stupid!”
If I say, “I don’t want to play anymore,”
you say, “I don’t want to play anymore.”
And then, after a while,
becoming lonely
I say, “Sorry.”
You say, “Sorry.”
Are you just an echo?
No, you are everyone.


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A Bell, A Bird, and Me

Happy Birthday, Misuzu Kaneko!

No matter how I spread my arms
I can not fly at all,
But unlike me, a flying bird
Can not run fast on ground.

Though I rock my body back and forth
It makes no pretty sounds,
Yet unlike me, a ringing bell
Does not know many songs.

A bell, a bird, and also me,
All are different, all are good.


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