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THE Camel’s hump

THE Camel’s hump is an ugly lump
Which well you may see at the Zoo;
But uglier yet is the hump we get
From having too little to do.

Kiddies and grown-ups too-oo-oo,
If we haven’t enough to do-oo-oo,
We get the hump
Cameelious hump
The hump that is black and blue!

We climb out of bed with a frouzly head
And a snarly-yarly voice.
We shiver and scowl and we grunt and we growl
At our bath and our boots and our toys;

And there ought to be a corner for me
(And I know there is one for you)
When we get the hump
Cameelious hump
The hump that is black and blue!

The cure for this ill is not to sit still,
Or frowst with a book by the fire;
But to take a large hoe and a shovel also,
And dig till you gently perspire;

And then you will find that the sun and the wind.
And the Djinn of the Garden too,
Have lifted the hump
The horrible hump
The hump that is black and blue!

I get it as well as you-oo-oo
If I haven’t enough to do-oo-oo
We all get hump
Cameelious hump
Kiddies and grown-ups too!



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MOVIE NIGHT: The Story of the Weeping Camel

Last weekend we watched this beautiful movie that we’ll remember for time to come… especially a young violin player 🙂

M O R E :

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Beasts of Burden

While traveling, Hanak Tade Maia and Beremiz meet 3 men who inherited 35 camels. The will prescribes that the oldest son gets 1/2, the middle son 1/3, and the youngest 1/9. The men quarrel because they don’t want to cut up animals.

Mathematical excerpts from The Man Who Counted by Malba Tahan

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