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Romanian carol Sorcova vesela

Merry Sorcova,
May your health be strong
And your life long:

As an apple tree,
As a pear stately,
As a rose bush fair,
Blossoming beyond compare.

Strong as a granite rock,
Quick as an arrow’s shock,
Hard as an iron bar,
Tougher than steel by far.

Over summer, over spring,
May your health be great.

A New Year with happiness
And in everything success.

Romanian Embassy:

“Sorcova” is a special bouquet used for New Year’s wishes early New Year’s morning. Children wish people a “Happy New Year!” while touching them lightly with this bouquet. After they have wished a Happy New Year to the members of their family, the children go to the neighbors and relatives. Traditionally, the “Sorcova” bouquet was made up of one or several fruit – tree twigs (apple-tree, pear-tree, cherry-tree, plum-tree); all of them are put into water, in warm place, on November 30th (St. Andrew’s Day), in order to bud and to blossom on New Year’s Eve.

Nowadays people often use an apple-tree or pear-tree twig decorated with flowers made up of colored paper. The children receive all kinds of treats such as: cakes, honeycombs, biscuits, pretzels, candies, nuts and, of course, small gifts of money. We chose Sorcova as this year’s traditional craft workshop because it is easy to do and it will come in handy on January 1st

Christmas and New Year Paganism in Roumanian Folklore 1928

This fertility ceremony is further enhanced by the fact that some of the boys hold in their right hands rods decked with paper flowers called sorcova; they approach and tap one with the greeting:
“May you live
And flourish
Like an apple tree
Or a pear tree
In time of spring;
Like a stem of rose,
Strong as iron,
Gleaming as steel,
Swift as the arrow.”

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