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Magical Tree

This February brought many lovely encounters… and one of them is this book… thought it was all about Klimt’s Tree of Life and we discovered this beautiful story!

The Magical Tree: A Children’s Book Inspired by Gustav Klimt
By Myrian Ouyessad
Illustrated by Anja Klauss

Inspired by Klimt’s famous mural The Tree of Life, this dreamily illustrated children’s book tells the story of a magical tree whose fruit saves lives.

Painted during the artist’s “golden period,” Gustav Klimt’s The Tree of Life has been interpreted in myriad ways. This children’s book deftly incorporates the mysteries and depth of Klimt’s masterpiece into a story for young readers. A young man is given a seed that grows into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree. After tasting the fruit, he can see into the future, including events that will put the lives of others in danger. A king and his lovely princess daughter test the boy’s predictions, and love ensues.

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