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True Colors


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VIDEO: Infinity Mirrors

Happy Birthday, Yayoi Kusama!


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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year – Year of The Rat!

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J’aime la galette


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A Star Wars Chanukah

Happy Chanukah!


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Sports et Divertissements

Music by Erik Satie
Illustrations by Charles Martin

This is a facsimile of an extremely rare collection of the French master’s brilliant thumbnail sketches — both musical and verbal — of various outdoor sports and amusements. Satie created these pieces to accompany an album of charming, sophisticated drawings by Charles Martin, a well-known illustrator of the day. The composer also added droll verbal commentaries and inscribed both words and music in an exquisite calligraphic hand.


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The Traveler

By Mary Oliver

Ricky, your ancesters are from Cuba, right?

Says Ricky, “Sa I’m told.”

But you ere born in Florids?

“I was a baby, how would I know?
But that’s what I’m told.”

And you’ve lived in Massachusetts and other states and also Mexico and now Florida again, and heaven knows what other places you may travel to. Are you an American, or what?

He shrugged his shoulders casually and smiled. “Je suis un chien du monde,” he said.



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