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Baba Dochia

After a romanian folktale about the days of Baba Dochia
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1A long time ago, there was an old woman forgotten by time and kindness, who lived in a cottage of stone, up in the mountains. Baba Dochia was her name.

It was so cold inside her soul that she was always dressed up with nine lambskins.

Only her son Dragobete and the sheep lived with her.

2One day, Dragobete marries Nora, a beautiful and kind girl, and brings her home.

But Baba Dochia didn’t like Nora, and made her life hard, giving her odd jobs.

That year it was a cold and long winter. One day, Baba Dochia blames Nora for the bad weather and sends her to bring spring flowers.

3Saddened by her new task, Nora left without knowing where to go to find spring flowers in the winter snow.

Wandering in the cold, she meets a kind man, Mărţişor. She tells him her sad story, and Mărţişor gives her some white snowdrops that bring spring.

Happy, Nora is running back home with the snowdrops. It was the first day of March.

4When Baba Dochia sees Nora with the snowdrops, she thinks that spring has come back and leaves for the mountains with her sheep.

She is dressed with the nine lambskins, but it rains on the mountain and the skins get soaked and heavy. Dochia has to get rid of them, one lambskin every day.

After nine days, the frost comes back, the rain turns into ice, and Baba Dochia and her sheep turn into stone.

You can still see the Babele stones up in the mountains.

Baba Dochia
Rhea or the Great Mother with the name Dochia and Dochiana in Romanian legends.

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