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Like mother, like daughter

Happy Mother’s Day!

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La leyenda de Retua-Dumila


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March: Sowing the field

Labors of the Months from the Très Riches Heures

In the background is the Château de Lusignan, a residence of Jean de Berry.


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Love Is

love-isLove Is by Diane Adams
Illustrated by Claire Keane

From the start of this book, the caring nature of a little girl and neediness of a lost duckling become intertwined. Set in a charming city neighborhood, the book tells the tale of their time together through gentle rhymes: “Love is holding something fragile, tiny wings and downy head./Love is noisy midnight feedings, shoe box right beside the bed.” Cozy snuggles and playful days, though, give way to the duckling’s growing ability to fend for himself — and join his fellow ducks. The little girl’s expressive and adorable facial features convey a range of emotions as she experiences the stages of loving and letting go. Breezy ink sketches and muted hues enrich the warmhearted story.


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Lignes verticales

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Lines Horizontal


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