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Look at midnight in your mirror;
You will see a face grow clearer,
For the charm makes him grow bolder
Till he smiles above your shoulder.



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San Francisco


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Pretty Irish Girl

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

By Lawrence Edward Watkin & Oliver Wallace, 1959
From Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Have you ever seen the seagulls a-flying on to Heaven
Or the crimson sails on Galway Bay the fishermen unfurl
Oh, the Earth is filled with beauty and its gathered all together
In the form and face and dainty grace of a pretty Irish girl

Oh, she is my dear, my darling one
Her eyes so sparkling full of fun
No other, no other can match the likes of her
Oh, she is my dear, my darling one
My smiling and beguiling one
I love the ground she walks upon
My darling Irish girl

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Khosrow and Shirin

Khosrow and ShirinThe Story of Khosrow and Shirin|, ||, III, IV, V, VI

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