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Old Trees Hang

Old trees hang upon a cliff half are coloured autumn leaves
Three sides of a thatched pavilion are sunken in cold currents
A fishing boat returns late due to the setting sun
Only the blue mountains greet the white gulls

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New Clothes for New Year’s Day

Happy Lunar New Year!

by Hyun-joo Bae

The New Year is the start of everything new…
Follow a young Korean girl as she dresses and prepares for the Lunar New Year.


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Valentine Bojagi

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Korean Folk Songs

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Jeongseon Arirang

Sorrowful yet beautiful Soul in Korea

Arirang, lyrical folk song in the Republic of Korea


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Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth

by Joan Schoettler

Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth, set in Korea in the 1700’s, weaves a story of imperial power, individual determination and family love. This is a journey of loss and redemption. Ji-su’s mother, a gifted Korean bojagi seamstress, is selected by the emperor and taken to court to sew bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths, but Ji-su, her dutiful daughter, is left behind. Ji-su learns to use her mother’s tools, striving to become the finest Korean wrapping cloth seamstress in the land in order to sew bojogi in the emperor’s court and to be reunited with her mother.


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Korean Age

Why a Korean baby born on Dec. 31 turns two years old the next day

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