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The Fairy Tale Films

By Lotte Reiniger
The Fairy Tale Films
C I T I N E R A R I E S : Children’s Matinée: Lotte Reiniger
DVD Review: Lotte Reiniger – The Fairy Tale Films
Lotte Reiniger biography and selection of works at the BFI‘s Screenonline

Disc One
* Cinderella (1922)
* The Death Feigning Chinaman (1928)
* The Golden Goose (1944)
* Aladdin and his Magic Lamp (1954)
* The Frog Prince (1954)
* The Gallant Little Tailor (1954)
* Sleeping Beauty (1954)
* Snow White and Rose Red (1954)
* Cinderella (1954)
* Puss in Boots (1954)

Disc two
* The Magic Horse (1954)
* The Grasshopper and the Ant (1954)
* The Three Wishes (1954)
* Thumbelina (1954)
* The Caliph Stork (1954)
* Hansel and Gretel (1954)
* Jack and the Beanstalk (1955)
* The Little Chimney Sweep (1956)
* The Frog Prince (1961)

Special features on disc two
* The Art of Lotte Reiniger (John Isaacs, 1970, 16 mins)
* Mike Figgis’ selection (extract from Friday Night Hijack, 2008, courtesty Sky Arts)


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Mary’s Birthday

‘Sing ho for disease
And the germs in a sneeze,
For pollution, for filth and infection.
We’ll wipe off our feet
On somebody’s meat
And hope it’s a lethal injection.’

No, not a lost stanza from the pens of Gilbert and Sullivan, but the rousing chorus sung by some bluebottles as they plan to cause intestinal misery at Mary’s party.

This guide to elementary hygiene is among the most eccentric and enjoyable Public Information Films. Director Lotte Reiniger is famed for her quaint silhouette animation, but here she seems on the verge of a career shift that unfortunately never happened. If it had, she would be remembered as one of the great British surrealists.

One of the unexpected highlights is the array of accents on parade. The flower fairies sound like graduates of the Brief Encounter School of Elocution; insects and microbes are voiced by somewhat earthier types while the King of the Flies sounds distinctly like Kenneth Williams attempting to impersonate Winston Churchill. (Robin Baker)

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