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The Snail

Hand in hand you see us well,
Creep like a snail into its shell;
Ever nearer, ever nearer,
Ever closer, ever closer,
Very snug indeed you dwell,
Snail within your tiny shell.

Hand in hand you see us well,
Creep like a snail out of its shell;
Ever farther, ever farther,
Ever wider, ever wider,
Who’d have thought this little shell
Could have held us all so well.


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Aquel caracol

Aquel caracol
Que va por el sol
En cada ramita
Besa una flor

Que viva la vida
Que viva el amor
Que viva la gracia
De aquel caracol

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Sol solecito luna lunera
sol, solecito, caliéntame un poquito,
por hoy por mañana, por toda la semana,
luna lunera, cascabelera,
cinco pollitos y una ternera,
caracol, caracol, a la una sale el sol
sale pinocho tocándo el tambor,
con una cuchara y un tenedor.

.en translation
Sun, little sun, warm me up a little bit
today, tomorrow, and all the week
moon, moon, with bells/rattles
five chicks and one calf
snail, snail, the sun rises at one o’clock
while Pinocchio comes out playing his drum
with a spoon and a fork

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En el prado el cara­col
saca los cuer­nos al sol.
Como pre­mio, el gira­sol
Le da un beso al caracol.

La abejita presurosa
Saluda a la flor pre­ciosa.
¡Qué promesa, la pri­mav­era
mañana de primavera!


A tiny snail is wind­ing along,
Stretch­ing his feel­ers toward the sun.
When she sees the snail in bliss,
A sun­flower leans over to give him a kiss.

A busy bee joins in the play,
Buzzing over to say, “Good day!”
Oh, what delights a day can bring
On this very first morn­ing of Spring!

Muu, Moo!: Rimas de animales/Animal Nursery Rhymes
Latin Baby Book Club

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The Snail Puzzle

A snail is climbing up a slippery 30 inch wall. It climbs 5 inches a minute, but then slides back 4 inches. How many minutes will it take to reach the top of the wall?

Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas

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Little snail

Chinese Nursery Rhyme

Little snail, little snail,
With your hard, stony bed,
First stick out your horns,
Then stick out your head.

Your father and mother
Have brought you some food,
Fried liver and mutton,
Now isn’t that good?

And now, little snail,
Just as sure as I say
You must eat it at once,
Or I’ll take it away.

Oh where is the little snail gone,
Can you tell?
He has drawn himself up,
Head and horns, in his shell.

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