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Happy Mother’s Day! 馃檪

…Picasso had been an inspiration and mentor to Mir贸. How did the two men meet? Through their mothers and cake.

Both of Spanish descent, Mir贸’s mother and Picasso’s mother were friends. Even though Mir贸 greatly admired the older artist, he didn’t seek an introduction until 1920 when Mir贸 was 27 and was going to Paris. Before his trip, he went to Picasso’s mother and asked if there was anything she wanted him to take to her son. She said cake.

Mir贸 made his way to Paris and delivered the cake to the older and already-successful Picasso. Apparently, Picasso appreciated the gesture because he served as a bit of a mentor to Mir贸, introducing him to art dealers and the art community. They were very different personalities: Mir贸 was more reserved and shied away from public life. Picasso was more extroverted and more of a salesman.

However, they shared a brotherhood rooted deeply in Catalonia and Spain. Both were greatly impacted by the general and dictator Francisco Franco, who came to power during the Spanish Civil War.



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My Mother Does My Homework


My Mother Does My Homework
A Funny School Poem for Kids
by Kenn Nesbitt

My mother does my homework.
She thinks it’s loads of fun.
She says that she’s just “helping” me
but, soon enough, it’s done.

We sit down at the dinner table
every single night.
She answers all the questions
and she always gets them right.

And now and then, she’ll tell me
I should go and take my bath.
When I get back, I find she’s done
my science and my math.

You’d think that I’d be overjoyed
to never have to work.
But every time she “helps me out”
I nearly go berserk.

I ask if I can do it, but
she shrugs off my requests.
So all my grades are crummy
since she doesn’t take my tests.

Copyright © 2015 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved

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A Yidishe Mame

RejoiceExcerpt from 鈥淩ejoice鈥: A Yidishe Mame (A Jewish Mother)

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Mary鈥檚 five and Bea is three,
Bob is nine, that鈥檚 three times Bea.
In four more years I鈥檒l be eleven,
That鈥檚 much better than being seven.
Granddad鈥檚 sixty I am told,
How many years till I鈥檓 that old?
Funny how mum鈥檚 age never changes,
She鈥檚 been twenty-one for ages!


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A Gift for Mama

A wonderful find for Mother’s Day at the local library!


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Viva la mamma

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