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Cat Tails


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The Cats Have Come to Tea

Marigold Garden
by Kate Greenaway

WHAT did she see–oh, what did she see,
As she stood leaning against the tree?
Why all the Cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out–from round about,
All the houses had let them out,
And here they were with scamper and shout.

“Mew–mew–mew!” was all they could say,
And, “We hope we find you well to-day.”

Oh, what should she do–oh, what should she do?
What a lot of milk they would get through;
For here they were with “Mew–mew–mew!”

She didn’t know–oh, she didn’t know,
If bread and butter they’d like or no;
They might want little mice, oh! oh! oh!

Dear me–oh, dear me,
All the cats had come to tea.


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Quick, Quick

Quick! quick!
The cat’s been sick.

Where? where?
Under the chair.

Hasten! hasten!
Fetch the basin.

Alack! alack!
It is too late,
The carpet’s in
An awful state.

No! no!
It’s all in vain,
For she has licked it
Up again.


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Cat Meets Dog

Paul Driessen 2014 | 11 min


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Mateo y su gato rojo

By Silvina Rocha
Illustrated by Lucía Mancilla Prieto

Mateo received a present: a notebook with smooth white pages that called out to him to draw. So Mateo drew. He drew a happy red cat. As the days went by the cat lost his smile. Mateo worried and decided to add more drawings so his cat would be happy again. He did this again and again until he realized that this was not the solution. Then he started to think about what he could do to make his cat happy again. Finally, he discovered the secret…


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Paul Klee A-Z

Happy Birthday, Paul Klee!

Welcome to our A–Z of Paul Klee! A is for…


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