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Pussy Can Sit by the Fire

by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

PUSSY can sit by the fire and sing,
Pussy can climb a tree,
Or play with a silly old cork and string
To ‘muse herself, not me.
But I like Binkie my dog, because
He knows how to behave;
So, Binkie’s the same as the First Friend was,
And I am the Man in the Cave.

Pussy will play man-Friday till
It’s time to wet her paw
And make her walk on the window-sill
(For the footprint Crusoe saw);
Then she fluffles her tail and mews,
And scratches and won’t attend.
But Binkie will play whatever I choose,
And he is my true First Friend!

Pussy will rub my knees with her head
Pretending she loves me hard;
But the very minute I go to my bed
Pussy runs out in the yard,
And there she stays till the morning-light;
So I know it is only pretend;
But Binkie, he snores at my feet all night,
And he is my Firstest Friend!


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Gâteau Gato

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by Grace Nichols

From Everybody got a Gift

Lying on the sofa
all curled and meek
but in my furry-fuzzy head
there’s a rapping beat.
Gonna rap while I’m napping
and looking sweet
gonna rap while I’m padding
on the balls of my feet

Gonna rap on my head
gonna rap on my tail
gonna rap on my
you know where.
So wave your paws in the air
like you just don’t care
with nine lives to spare
gimme five right here.

Well, they say that we cats
are killed by curiosity,
but does the moggie mind?
No, I’ve got suavity.
When I get to heaven
gonna rap with Macavity,
gonna find his hidden paw
and clear up that mystery.

Nap it up
scratch it up
the knack is free
fur it up
purr it up
yes that’s me.

The meanest cat-rapper you’ll ever see.
Number one of the street-sound galaxy.


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Suffrage Cat

Meet Suffrage Cat! . pdf

Suffrage Cat is part of the National Park Service’s celebration of the 19th Amendment. 2020 marks the centennial (100th anniversary) of the amendment! It was an important addition to our constitution as it recognized women’s voting rights. Suffrage means the right to vote in political elections.
Did you know that the cat was a symbol of the women’s suffrage movement?
In April of 1916, suffragists Nell Richardson and Alice Burke started a cross-country road trip. Setting out from New York, these two women stopped in cities and towns across America to talk about the importance of women’s suffrage. Along the way, the women adopted a cat that became their unofficial mascot. The cat became a symbol of suffrage!
Find a new adventure with Suffrage Cat! Print this feline out and add your own artist touch with crayons, markers, or other fun decorations. Take your new friend to visit a National Park or a National Historic Site. Get a picture of you and your new buddy.

Women’s Suffrage and the Cat


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Kitty: What She Thinks of Herself

by William Brighty Rands (1823-1882)

I am the cat of cats. I am
The everlasting cat!
Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam,
The everlasting cat! I hunt vermin in the night – The everlasting cat!
For I see best without the light –
The everlasting cat!


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by Sandra Martyres

Purrfecting the art of purring
She does exactly that
our dear imaginative
and near perfect pet cat
We notice that each time
she wants something
the volume and tone of her purr
changes to reflect
her sense of urgency
The higher the pitch
the greater is her need
to spur us into action
to provide her with
the object of her desire
A piece of fish
generally exacts the
highest decibel purr
Its flavour drives
her almost crazy
The purr frequency is lower
for a saucer of milk or water
So the greater the urgency
the less pleasing the purr.


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I Had a Little Cat

by Charles Causley

I had a little cat called Tim Tom Tay
I took him to town on market day,
I combed his whiskers, I brushed his tail,
I wrote on a label ‘Cat for Sale.
Knows how to deal with rats and mice.
Two pounds fifty. Bargain price.’

But when the people came to buy
I saw such a look in Tim Tom’s eye
That it was clear as clear could be
I couldn’t sell Tim for a fortune’s fee.
I was shamed and sorry, I’ll tell you plain
And I took home Tim Tom Tay again.


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It’s raining cats and dogs

What is the origin of the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs?”

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The Cat and the Rain

by Jonathan Swift

Careful observers may foretell
the hour
(By sure prognostics) when to
dread a shower;
While rain depends, the
pensive cat gives o’er
Her frolics, and pursues her
tail no more.


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Putong Animals

Fire chickens and sea pigs: The artist bringing Chinese words to life

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