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by Sandra Martyres

Purrfecting the art of purring
She does exactly that
our dear imaginative
and near perfect pet cat
We notice that each time
she wants something
the volume and tone of her purr
changes to reflect
her sense of urgency
The higher the pitch
the greater is her need
to spur us into action
to provide her with
the object of her desire
A piece of fish
generally exacts the
highest decibel purr
Its flavour drives
her almost crazy
The purr frequency is lower
for a saucer of milk or water
So the greater the urgency
the less pleasing the purr.


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I Had a Little Cat

by Charles Causley

I had a little cat called Tim Tom Tay
I took him to town on market day,
I combed his whiskers, I brushed his tail,
I wrote on a label ‘Cat for Sale.
Knows how to deal with rats and mice.
Two pounds fifty. Bargain price.’

But when the people came to buy
I saw such a look in Tim Tom’s eye
That it was clear as clear could be
I couldn’t sell Tim for a fortune’s fee.
I was shamed and sorry, I’ll tell you plain
And I took home Tim Tom Tay again.


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It’s raining cats and dogs

What is the origin of the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs?”

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The Cat and the Rain

by Jonathan Swift

Careful observers may foretell
the hour
(By sure prognostics) when to
dread a shower;
While rain depends, the
pensive cat gives o’er
Her frolics, and pursues her
tail no more.


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Putong Animals

Fire chickens and sea pigs: The artist bringing Chinese words to life

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GIFT SHOP: Wooden Cat Pile Set

Wooden Cat Stacking Game is Like Playing Jenga, But With a Pile of Kitties

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(Eleanor Farjean)

Cats sleep
Any table,
Any chair,
Top of piano,

In the middle,
On the edge,
Open drawer,
Empty shoe,
Lap will do,
Fitted in a

Cardboard box,
In the cupboard
With your frocks–
They don’t care!
Cats sleep


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