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Ying and the Magic Turtle

Ying and the Magic Turtle is a story book that invites readers to experience mathematics, problems solving, and the rewards that come with perseverance. Children ages five and up, parents, and teachers can enjoy the book for its rich beauty in mathematics and as an ancient legend.


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Under the Light, yet under

by Emily Dickinson

Under the Light, yet under,
Under the Grass and the Dirt,
Under the Beetle’s Cellar
Under the Clover’s Root,

Further than Arm could stretch
Were it Giant long,
Further than Sunshine could
Were the Day Year long,

Over the Light, yet over,
Over the Arc of the Bird —
Over the Comet’s chimney —
Over the Cubit’s Head,

Further than Guess can gallop
Further than Riddle ride —
Oh for a Disc to the Distance
Between Ourselves and the Dead!


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German puppets burned the Jews
Jewish puppets did not choose
Puppet vultures eat the dead
Puppet corpses they are fed
Puppet winds and puppet waves
Puppet sailors in their graves
Puppet flower, puppet stem
Puppet time dismantles them
Puppet me and puppet you
Puppet German
Puppet Jew
Puppet Presidents command
Puppet troops to burn the land
Puppet fire, puppet flames
Feed on all the puppet names
Puppet lovers in their bliss
Turn away from all of this
Puppet reader shakes his head
Takes his puppet wife to bed
Puppet me and puppet you
Puppet German, puppet Jew
Puppet Presidents command
Puppet troops to burn the land
Puppet fire, puppet flames
Feed on all the puppet names
Puppet night comes down to play
The after act to puppet day

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I’d rather have krupnik at home than roast duck with strangers.

The Surprising Jewish History of Mushroom Barley Soup

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It troubled me as once I was —

by Emily Dickinson

It troubled me as once I was —
For I was once a Child —
Concluding how an Atom — fell —
And yet the Heavens — held —

The Heavens weighed the most — by far —
Yet Blue — and solid — stood —
Without a Bolt — that I could prove —
Would Giants — understand?

Life set me larger — problems —
Some I shall keep — to solve
Till Algebra is easier —
Or simpler proved — above —

Then — too — be comprehended —
What sorer — puzzled me —
Why Heaven did not break away —
And tumble — Blue — on me —


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Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution


Started by Michael Faraday in 1825, and now broadcast on national television every year, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES are the UK’s flagship science series.


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A Child’s Christmas in Wales


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How To Celebrate Winter Solstice

by Teresa Villegas

Prefer to celebrate the holidays in a simple yet meaningful way? “How To Celebrate Winter Solstice” is a book the whole family will appreciate. Start a new family tradition or add something new to your holiday celebrations.



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