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How to Meet a Flower

Looking to learn more about wildflowers this spring? Consider introducing yourself first.

Remember, we all stumble

So stay humble

As you find and make your way

And that it’s okay

To not always know

How the path will unfold

But you do have a role in how the story will be told

If you remain bold

With the courage of persisting on

Remembering that all good trails curve and meander

But it doesn’t make them any less exciting to behold, and wonder

What’s around the turn

If you cease to uphold

The idea that it should all be known and controlled

Adventure on


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In the Belly of the Organ of Notre-Dame

Meet Olivier Latry, the organist of the famous Notre-Dame in Paris: one of the most prestigious organist gigs in the world. Join him on an exciting musical and historical journey to the heart of the organ.

Production date: 2015 ◾Duration: 52 min

WORKS: GUILMAN, PIERRE COCHEREAU at 7:00m, LOUIS VIERNE at 17:55m , MARCEL DUPRÉ at 37:09 ( PROCESSION & LITANY) AND J.S. BACH at 44:13 ( famous PASSACAGLIA & FUGUE with Pierre Cochereau)

Olivier Latry, organist of the Great Organ of Notre-Dame, takes us on a journey through the mechanism of his beloved companion, a musical instrument which has served as both witness and protagonist through history’s incredible twists and turns. Despite its religious function as intended by its builders and its service to composers through the centuries, the Great Organ Cavaillé-Coll has withstood the test of time, and ultimately reveals its absolute modernity…

Latry has a true passion for Notre-Dame’s organ: The Organ of Notre-Dame is incredible. One always discovers new things about it. The space changes its acoustic with the weather, the snow, the rain, the humidity, and the organ’s nature changes with it: it sounds differently. It’s like an old lady with rheumatism. There are always surprises with this instrument. Every time I come to Notre-Dame, it’s as though it were the first time! In this documentary, Latry plays, recounts anecdotes and stories, delivers a veritable music lesson on all sorts of musical repertoires, and discusses with organ builder Philippe, who climbs the pipes to correct and fine tune this strange musical machine…

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Time is the architect…

“Time is the architect, the nation is the builder.”

Victor Hugo

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Notre Dame de Paris

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My Country Home

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La vie c’est quoi ?

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Grasshopper, Grasshopper,

In the green grass

Please do stop.

And let me pass.

But it hops and hops and hops

And never stops.

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