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Jane Goodall: What happened when we all stopped


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Story of Flowers

Azuma Makoto, Katie Scott, James Paulley
The animation was developed for kids to show the life cycle of flowers.

Many different flowers are growing beautifully and strongly in this world. Taking their roots in the earth, sprouting, blooming, pollination by birds and insects, living on in spite of rain, wind and storms.
They pass on the baton of life, rebirth and decay.
Everything is so in a continuous, endless cycle. This is the story and message of this animation.


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Loving Vincent

Happy Birthday, Vincent Van Gogh!

The world’s first fully oil painted feature film brings the artwork of Vincent van Gogh to life in an exploration of the complicated life and controversial death of one of history’s most celebrated artists.

The Impossible Dream

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Sugar & Salt: Don’t Mix Us Up


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Fuga Animada

Augusto Bicalho Roque | 2013

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Domee Shi | 8min | 2018


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This animated short tells the story of Qalupalik, a part-human sea monster that lives deep in the Arctic Ocean and preys on children who do not listen to their parents or elders. That is the fate of Angutii, a young boy who refuses to help out in his family’s camp and who plays by the shoreline… until one day Qalupalik seizes him and drags him away. Angutii’s father, a great hunter, must then embark on a lengthy kayak journey to try and bring his son home.

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Traveling Through Brush and Ink

by Annlin Chao


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