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“All My Mothers” -The Story of Yehudith Kleinman

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Sarah’s attic

Sarah’s attic is a website introducing to the Shoah History that addresses specifically to children from age 8 to 12 with full respect of their sensibility.

This website invites them to watch and hear tales and expressions testifying of the diversity of Jewish cultures transmitted before, during and after the Second World War.

In addition, nine personal itineraries bear witness of the daily life of Jews during the war, based on archive documents kept at the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris.


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Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust

Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust, narrated by Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody, is a documentary featuring Israeli violinmaker Amnon Weinstein and his efforts to restore violins recovered from the Holocaust. Some were played by Jewish prisoners in concentration camps; others belonged to the Klezmer musical culture, which was all but destroyed by the Nazis.

‘Violins Of Hope’: Instruments From The Holocaust


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Running from Giants

The Holocaust Through The Eyes of a Child

by Margareta Ackerman

Illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger

Combining prose with powerful imagery, Running from Giants follows a young boy’s struggle to survive in Nazi occupied Europe, from the forests where he and his brothers once happily played, to the horrors of the ghetto. While the narrative propels us through Srulik’s gripping true story, the black-and-white art reveals his journey through the imagination of a child caught in a land of giants.

The story opens with Srulik Ackerman enjoying a peaceful childhood in the Polish town of Nowosiolki, until the Nazi whirlwind blows in leaving ten-year-old Srulik suddenly and brutally alone. An eyewitness to the horrors of the Holocaust, Srulik narrowly escapes death several times, only to make a final desperate bid for freedom during a fiery revolt in the ghetto.

Margareta Ackerman was astonished when she learned that her grandfather, Srulik, was a Holocaust survivor. How had he overcome the past with his cheerful attitude and timeless smile intact? In Running from Giants, she retells his amazing story, with its profound message about the incredible strength of the human spirit.

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