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Papel de chocolate


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Mateo y su gato rojo

By Silvina Rocha
Illustrated by Lucía Mancilla Prieto

Mateo received a present: a notebook with smooth white pages that called out to him to draw. So Mateo drew. He drew a happy red cat. As the days went by the cat lost his smile. Mateo worried and decided to add more drawings so his cat would be happy again. He did this again and again until he realized that this was not the solution. Then he started to think about what he could do to make his cat happy again. Finally, he discovered the secret…


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68voces: The Wind

Ayapaneco. El Viento from Hola Combo on Vimeo.

Back then, there was a drunk man who fall down wherever he went. He even got inside some houses.One day, he stepped on a cornfield and destroyed it.He went on and knocked down whatever was on his way: trees, houses, and every parcel of land. He was considered a worker in this world because that drunk man became the wind, that’s why now the wind wanders around as he pleases. Just like the drunk man who used to destroyed everything on its way. Since then, that drunk man is the wind we feel.


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Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos


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Soi de Cantabria, soi


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The path of color


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Esta seca la tierra
sediento el monte
No se ve ni una nube en el horizonte
En el pasto agotado se mueren las flores
Colibrí, no hay nectar para sus pichones.
Ven lluvia ven, ven…
Dime Pachamama que debo hacer,
mis dos pajaritos tienen mucha sed.
La diosa responde, vuela hacia el mar.
Adios mis pichones, ya vuelve mamá.
Sale una orca del profundo mar,
con agua dulce una vasija llenará.
Colibrí con el agua vuela hacia su hogar,
sin saber que la sigue una nube del mar.
Ven lluvia, ven, ven…
Por fin la mamá llega hasta su nido
donde agonizan sus pichoncitos.
No le queda fuerzas para levantar
la vasija de barro que ha traido del mar.
Ven lluvia, ven, ven…
Un anciano llegó, quiere ayudar
más le tiembla la mano y derrama el agua.
Colibrí agotado, muerta de sed
su cabezita deja caer.
Ven lluvia, ven,ven…
En ese instante la nube del mar
llena de agua y empieza a llorar
Bebe la tierra, se abren las flores
Bebe la madre y sus pichones.
Ven lluvia, ven, ven…
Ven lluvia, ven, ven…


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