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Romanian carol Steaua sus rasare

Christmas and New Year Paganism in Roumanian Folklore 1928

On Christmas Eve and the following days until Epiphany, one would also meet in the streets groups of boys carrying a huge star, and singing:
“Who receives the star,
The bright, beautiful star?”

Christmas in Romania:

On the first Christmas day, children walk in the streets of snow covered towns and villages, when holding in their hands a star made of board and paper with a biblical scenes painted in water colors or an icon showing Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, they sing somewhat of a question:
“Do you receive the pretty star,
Pretty and so bright?
It has appeared on the earth
Just like God through it would be right
And it could be seen on high,
Just like we did, in the sky.

The “Star Carol” is a tradition during the 3 days of Romanian Christmas.While holding the star in the hands the children sing:

“The star has appeared on high,
Like a big secret in the sky,
The star is bright,
May all your wishes turn out right…”

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