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Quanno viè la Candelora
da l’inverno sémo fóra,
ma se piove o tira vènto,
ne l’inverno semo dentro.

Madonna della Candelora
dall’inverno siamo fuori
Se piove o tira vento
nell’inverno siamo dentro

Se la vien con sol e bora
de l’inverno semo fora.
Se la vien con piova e vento,
de l’inverno semo drento.

Se a Candelora non piove, siamo fuori dall’Inverno;
Ma se piove e tira vento, son altri 40 dì di brutto tempo.

If on the day of Candelora it doesn’t rain, winter is almost over;
If, on the opposite, it’s windy and it rains, 40 more days of bad weather will follow.


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I giorni della Merla

Winter legends for an Italian 2020

Traditionally, January is considered the coldest month of the year in Italy, especially its last three days, the 29th, 30th and 31st, which we call Giorni della Merla, or the “female blackbird days.” Weather experts debunked this myth, but Italians still love the legend, without a doubt tied for many of them to beautiful childhood memories.

You see, blackbirds, or so the story goes, used to be as white and snow and used to collect food to keep in their nest during the early weeks of winter, so that they could survive the icy days of January without leaving it: their aim was to finally peak out of their home only when the sun was back high in the sky. And so did they, a long time ago, finally flying out of their tree on the 28th of January, mocking the winter with their chirping: the cold season did no longer frighten them!

But Winter didn’t appreciate all that joy and chit-chat, nor the birds’ benevolent mocking, so it sent out the coldest, iciest of winds, that froze the earth over and destroyed all of the blackbirds’ nests. Left without shelter, they found refuge in chimneys, comforted by their warmth. But when the storm ended in February and they flew out in the sky again, their feathers had turned black because of the sooth they had lived in for the past three days.

This is why, we all learned as children, blackbirds are black.


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Il sirtaki di Icaro

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Pippo non lo sa

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Quarantaquattro gatti

Zecchino D'OroZecchino D’Oro 58 Edizione


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Il vecchio e il bambino

By Francesco Guccini


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La leggenda dei pizzoccheri

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Facile Facile


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Due Nonni Innamorati


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