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Not Only Pie :-)

What can you do with milk and egg… cartons?
Here are some beautiful ideas for a happy “π day!



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Arts and Kindness

A poem written by Dan Simpson

“It takes guts to be gentle and kind”
and at first the term kindness
can seem rather lightweight
because it’s concise but ambiguous
a peculiar practice
like joy, happiness or wonder.

A leap of faith for
arts professionals
policy makers
it’s the chicken that creates the egg from which it was born.

And then we hatched some of our own:
an act of imagining
exploring how the arts
can create the conditions for kindness.

Since ancient times human beings
have been driven by a curiosity
for how it is said
how it sounds and how it looks
for exploring key current issues through comedy
for who’s in charge? Who gets to speak?
for going on someone else’s journey
then having to figure out how to get back home
because of object and place
where we belong feels complicated:
a school
a high street
an estate or a neighbourhood
a town
a city
online and off.

The courage in doing something
growing something
crafting something
is rooted in a strong theoretical framework
and academic research
also glitter
a source of fun, beauty, colour and relaxation.

A catapult loaded with all sorts of values
and delight
(that’s not technically a value
– it should be.)

These values underpin
a deep observation
of human interaction and relations
from scientists
to campaigners
and fellow artists.

What joins these values together?
Prosocial behaviour
cooperation in flux
a community of empathy
these norms become highly internalised
from a very young age.

Plays, films, songs, stories:
the foundation stones
for which people make sense of the world
systemic and diverse
a grinning elbow match
creating a satisfying state of flow.

I didn’t want things to be too polished
but my blades are razor sharp
they trace a figure of eight
making the invisible visible
taking a moment of your time.

Seven o’clock in the morning
Their voices in the dark
As they spoke to each other across the ice
Coloured lights on their skates
Moving together and apart
Tracing their routes
from entry to exit points
becoming like one traveller
connecting ideas with people
science with art
research with practice
the unknown
the unpolished

I didn’t want to interrupt their flow
and some days I didn’t want to talk to people
just stare at the sea
but “love has conditions that need to be met”
it’s a blind process
so focus on the commonalities
rather than differences.

Love and kindness is contagious
it dissipates out
out in the ether
Twitter without the technology
a lot gets said in what is unsaid
it speaks so clearly
it’s the difference between singing together
and singing alone
it’s a passion for building kinder
more caring communities
enabling us to be truly human.

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Magical Tree

This February brought many lovely encounters… and one of them is this book… thought it was all about Klimt’s Tree of Life and we discovered this beautiful story!

The Magical Tree: A Children’s Book Inspired by Gustav Klimt
By Myrian Ouyessad
Illustrated by Anja Klauss

Inspired by Klimt’s famous mural The Tree of Life, this dreamily illustrated children’s book tells the story of a magical tree whose fruit saves lives.

Painted during the artist’s “golden period,” Gustav Klimt’s The Tree of Life has been interpreted in myriad ways. This children’s book deftly incorporates the mysteries and depth of Klimt’s masterpiece into a story for young readers. A young man is given a seed that grows into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree. After tasting the fruit, he can see into the future, including events that will put the lives of others in danger. A king and his lovely princess daughter test the boy’s predictions, and love ensues.

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Chicken Cup

Prince and His Porcelain Cup
A Tale of the Famous Chicken Cup
Retold in English and Chinese

This beautifully illustrated, bilingual Chinese and English children’s book invites you to learn a store inspired by the rare Ming Dynasty cup that’s admired as the “holy grail” of China’s art world.

Known as the Chicken Cup, it’s vividly decorated with a rooster and a hen tending to her chicks. This story tells the tale of a grieving young prince who has recently lost his parents. His uncle who becomes the Emperor decides to send him to the frontier. Upset by the news, the price accidentally smashes his mother’s favorite cup…While the young prince is away he learns to appreciate the fine art of porcelain while recreating his mother’s favorite cup.

Porcelain evolved in China over 1200 years ago, and this book explains how it’s made and its importance in Chinese history. Written in English and Chinese, this beautiful story follows the young emperor’s journey from being ousted from the palace to his time in a ceramics workshop and to his victorious return to the palace as emperor.

Met Museum Chicken Cup

This type of small, bowl-shaped vessel from the imperial kiln of the mid-Ming dynasty has been cherished as the pinnacle of fine Chinese porcelain. The pictorial decoration was achieved through a complicated process. First, the designs were drawn in cobalt blue on the unfired vessel. After glazing and high-temperature firing, they were filled in with overglaze enamel pigments and then fired at a lower temperature to bring out the vibrant colors. Known as a “chicken cup” for its decoration, this object’s charming scene of small chickens feeding in a garden conveys a core Chinese value: nurturing the young is essential to the continuation of the family line.


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The Brush Dances…

…and the Ink Sings

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