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Ureshii Hinamatsuri

Song of Hinamatsuri

Ākyāri o-tsuke māsho bonborini
O-hānā o-agemasho momo no hana
Gonin-bayashi no fue taiko
Kyō wa tano shi hinamatsuri

Let’s light the lanterns on the tiered stand.
Let’s put peach blossoms on the tiered stand.*
Five court musicians are playing flutes and drums.
Today is a happy Dolls’ Festival.

Hina Matsuri | KidsWeb

Japan’s Hina Matsuri Festival

The Hina Matsuri holiday is also called Peach Day. Peach blossoms are associated with young girls in Japan. Research what the flowers of peach trees look like. Why do you think they are connected with young girls? From tissue paper, make peach blossoms to festoon your Hina Matsuri display. Learn about what other plants are associated with Japan.

The Shintoists (a nature-focused religion practiced in Japan) have Nagashi-Bina on this day. Decorative dolls are gathered together and put in boats. The boats are cast out to sea and with them, ill fortune is carried away. In what other countries are there similar rituals?

Explore Boys’ Day or Children’s Day in Japan and Korea on May 5. What things are similar and what differs from Girls’ Day?

JAPAN: Hina Matsuri Festival | C I T I N E R A R I E S


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