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Bereza – Birch Tree

by Sergei Yesenin

Translation by Rupert Moreton

Under my own window
White is birch’s hue –
Snowy blanket-shadow,
Silver patterned too.

On its fluffy branches
With a snowy hem
Tassels’ blossom blanches –
Fringe’s icy gem.

Standing, birch is yearning,
Silent, sleepy spire,
Falling snow is burning
In its golden fire.

Lazy dawn in wrinkles,
Circling all around,
Now its branches sprinkles –
Newly silver-crowned.

елая береза
Под моим окном
Принакрылась снегом,
Точно серебром.

На пушистых ветках
Снежною каймой
Распустились кисти
Белой бахромой.

И стоит береза
В сонной тишине,
И горят снежинки
В золотом огне.

А заря, лениво
Обходя кругом,
обсыпает ветки
Новым серебром.



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En Voyage

by Jacques Charpentreau

Quand vous m’ennuyez, je m’éclipse,
Et, loin de votre apocalypse,
Je navigue, pour visiter
La Mer de la Tranquillité.

Vous tempêtez ? Je n’entends rien.
Sans bruit, au fond du ciel je glisse.
Les étoiles sont mes complices.
Je mange un croissant. Je suis bien.

Vous pouvez toujours vous fâcher,
Je suis si loin de vos rancunes !
Inutile de me chercher :
Je suis˘ encore dans la lune.


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Japanese children’s song
Music by Teiichi Okano
Lyrics by Tatsuyuki Takano


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From the Ends to the Beginning

A Bilingual Web Anthology of Russian Verse

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Dragonfly and the Ant

by Ivan Krylov

A playful prankish Dragonfly
The whole Summer have sung out
Finally, she looked about;
Winter ‘s already coming by.
Like deceased the forest stays.
Where are you, those happy days,
When for her, under each tree,
Was a home and tart with tea?
The evil Winter took all it,
Leaving only some cold and need.
The Dragonfly sings no more,
As she used to do before.
And who would, in times that sore?
To escape th’untimely end,
She is creeping to an Ant
With the bitter her lament.
“Oh”, she said, “My gentle friend,

I do beg you, be so dear,
Do not leave me to die here,
Give some shelter, food, and drink
For half-a-year,
Till the Spring”.
“Did you work at all in Summer?”
Asked the Ant with a slight stammer,
“Such a speech is strange to hear.”

Dragonfly said, “Alas, my dear,
No I didn’t. Listen, I’m…
Just I hadn’t any time.
Whole Summer we were playing `and
singing”. “Well”, answers the Ant,
“Did you sing?
This is the thing!
Now, you’ll have your chance
To dance.”


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Who Lives With Cats…



Illustration by Marc Shanker


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Ich Flee

The Brothers Nazaroff:
The Happy Prince


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