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Sea Bear: A Journey for Survival

Happy International Polar Bear Day!
by Lindsay Moore

A solitary polar bear travels across the sea ice in pursuit of food. As the ice melts and food becomes scarce, she is forced to swim for days. Finally, storm-tossed and exhausted, she finds shelter on land, where she gives birth to cubs and waits for the sea to freeze again.

Informed by the author’s background in marine science, Sea Bear is a vivid and moving page-turner with a vital message about our changing planet. This is a gorgeously illustrated book, with the perfect marriage of scientific fact and poetry, that shows the reality of climate change and how it poses a threat to animals of the Arctic. Perfect for family and classroom sharing.

Imagine you are a polar bear.
Your coat is thick.
Your teeth are sharp.
Your front paws are paddles,
your back paws are rudders,
and you can swim for miles.
Your home has always been the sea and ice.


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