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When Good King Arthur Ruled His Land

When good King Arthur ruled his land

He was a goodly king.

He stole three pecks of barley meal

To make a bag-pudding.

A bag-pudding the king did make,

And stuff’d it well with plums,

And in it put great lumps of fat,

As big as my two thumbs.

The king and queen did eat thereof,

And noblemen beside;

And what they could not eat that night,

The queen next morning fried.


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P was…

by Edmund Dulac: Lyrics Pathetic & Humorous


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The Man In The Moon

The man in the moon
Came down too soon
To inquire the way to Norwich;
The man in the South
He burnt his mouth
With eating cold plum porridge.


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Plum Pudding for Christmas

From the sweet book by Virgina Kahl

“All right,” said the King, “I guess I can come,
If you serve a pudding – and that pudding is plum.
Plums that are purple, plums in a clump,
So that each bumpy limp is a plum that is plump.”

“Oh, fine,” said the Dutchess. “He says he can come
If we serve a pudding – and that pudding is plum.
A plum pudding’s easy – it’s nothing to bake it,
So let’s start at once, and we’ll all help you make it.

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