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Groundhog Day

by Lilian Moore

Groundhog sleeps
All winter
Snug in his fur,
Green dreams of
Grassy shoots,
Of nicely newly nibbly
Ah, he starts to
With drowsy
Looks from his burrow
Out on fields of
What’s there!
Oh no.
His shadow. Oh,
How sad!
Six more
To go.


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Groundhog Day

by Sharon Siegelman

The groundhog is an animal
Whose home is underground.
On Groundhog Day he goes outside
To have a look around.

He does not have a calendar.
He does not have a clue.
But on February second
He just knows what to do.

A groundhog must be ready
To do his job each year.
Please tell me, Mr. Groundhog,
Do you think spring is near?

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Groundhog Day

Little groundhog down below
Underneath the wintry snow
Come on out and tell us true
Is Spring coming?
Is Winter through?

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