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Black Eyes and Blue Eyes

The problem, put very simply, is the following: I own five beautiful slave girls, recently purchased from a Mongol prince. Two of those young enchantress’s have black eyes; the other three, blue eyes. The two have a truthful answer to any question, whereas the three with black eyes always give a truthful answer, whereas the three with blue eyes are born liars and never answer with the truth. In a few moments the five of them will be brought here, all of their faces covered by a heavy veil, which will make it impossible for you to see their faces. You must discover, with no room for error, which of them have black eyes and which blue eyes. You may question three of the five slaves, one question to each one. From the three answers, you must solve the problem and explain the precise reasoning that led you to your answer. Your Questions should be quite simple ones, well within the compass of these slaves to answer.

From THE MAN WHO COUNTED by Malba Tahan
Chapter 33: EYE TO EYE
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