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Lullaby of Takeda

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The Bride Doll

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The Doll with Blue Eyes

Happy Hinamatsuri!

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A manga lover’s Tokyo travel guide

My Favorite Things to See and Do In Japan
by Evangeline Neo

In this captivating Tokyo travel guide, manga artist and author Evangeline Neo travels to the Japanese capital with her mascots Kopi the dog and Matcha the cat in tow, bringing you to all the otaku sights this city has to offer. She shows you where to shop for manga memorabilia in Akihabara and Nakano, takes you on a tour of famous anime and manga museums like Studio Ghibli and Sanrio Puroland, and shares her experiences at a cosplay studio, a maid and butler cafe, and a manga drawing class.

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Thersa Matsuura – Uncanny Japan
Hatsu-yume: Your First Dream of the New Year

Hatsu-yume is the first dream you have in the New Year. In Japan there is a saying: ichi fuji, ni taka, san nasubi. Which means the luckiest dream you can have is of Mt. Fuji, the second luckiest thing to see in a dream is a hawk, and the third is an eggplant.


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Kachi Kachi Yama

Kachi-Kachi Mountain


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