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In So Many Words

A jeweler promised to pay old Salim 20 dinars for lodging if he sold all of his jewels for 100 dinars, and 35 if he sold them for 200. He actually sold them all for 140 dinars.

The jeweler argues that he owes old Salim 24.5 dinars: 35 dinars for lodging per 200 sales is the same as 3.5 per 20. Thus, 140 sales translates into 7×3.5=24.5 for lodging.

Old Salim wants to get 28 dinars, because 20 dinars for lodging per 100 sales is the same as 2 per 10. Thus, 140 sales translates into 14×2=28 for lodging.

How much does the jeweler owe Salim according to this agreement?

Mathematical excerpts from The Man Who Counted by Malba Tahan

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