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Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly

Every fall, spectacular orange and black clouds of monarch butterflies fill the skies as they migrate from across North America to Central Mexico. West Coast populations make a similar though much shorter trip to coastal California. The National Wildlife Federation calls the monarch migration “one of the greatest natural phenomena in the insect world.” Not long ago, monarchs numbered in the billions, but in the last 20 years their population has dropped by 90%, due to habitat loss from pesticides, modern farming practices, urban development and other human activity. An estimated one million acres of habitat are lost each year.

But today, an army of citizen scientists, students and gardeners is engaged in restoring this beloved pollinator’s habitat – the wildflowers and milkweed and feeding corridors – so that one of nature’s most beautiful creatures will still be there for generations to come. And it starts in our own backyards.

The Monarch showcases this magnificent butterfly with eye-popping photos, fun facts about a monarch’s life cycle, and things to know about the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystem. Monarch enthusiast and nature blogger Kylee Baumle provides “action” projects for all ages, from planting milkweed and wildflowers to making butterfly watering stations…to volunteer activism.


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Ranky Tanky


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Pete Seeger: The Kids Concert


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Sea Lion Shuffle

words and music by MaryLee Sunseri

A sea lion doesn’t roar,
He just harks
From early in the morning
Til late in the dark
He can’t stalk around
‘Cause he don’t have feet
And it ain’t no jungle at the end of our street.

In Monterey town way up on the hill
The fishermen live like they always will
Fishin’ for the mornin’ sun gives ’em light
And listenin’ to the lions bark
Deep in the night

Sometimes you see lions out on the rocks
They sleep altogether as sheep in flocks
Slippin’ and a’flippin’ at the break of the day
They beg for fish
Down at Monterey Bay.

You know, people come from miles around
They hear there’s a jungle at the end of our town
They hear we’ve got lions they can feed down there
But the lions don’t roar
And we don’t care…

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