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King Solomon & The Bee


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Folk Stories of Taiwan

Folk Stories of Taiwan” is part of the Taiwanese Tradition Series presented by the Culture Committee, Houston Taiwanese School of Languages and Culture. It explores some of Taiwanese folk tales, parables and mythologies, and introduces some of Taiwan’s geographic landmarks and historical heroes as well. Through them, you may find a moral or religious lesson or the values underlying the culture. Hopefully, this will help you understand the difference between American and Taiwanese cultures.

What is special about the stories in this book is that most of the articles were translated or edited by second-generation Taiwanese Americans. They are attending high school, college or graduate school, and some of them have attended this Taiwanese School.


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Gyotaku: The ancient Japanese art of printing fish


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JAPAN: Hinamatsuri

Kids Web Japan | Explore Japan | Hina Matsuri


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The myth behind the Chinese zodiac

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New Clothes for New Year’s Day

Happy Lunar New Year!

by Hyun-joo Bae

The New Year is the start of everything new…
Follow a young Korean girl as she dresses and prepares for the Lunar New Year.


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Valentine Bojagi

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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