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Not Only Pie :-)

What can you do with milk and egg… cartons?
Here are some beautiful ideas for a happy “π day!



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PERSEVERE: The Wilma Rudolph Movie

By Lisa Rossi’s Jefferson Elementary 2nd Grade Class

The students of one second grade class at Jefferson Elementary School in Berkeley, CA share the journey of Olympic Gold Medalist Wilma Rudolph


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Pancake Day : Making pancakes!

Happy & Yummy Pancake Day!


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Child’s Song In Spring

by Edith Nesbit

The Silver Birch is a dainty lady,
She wears a satin gown;
The elm tree makes the old churchyard shady,
She will not live in town.

The English oak is a sturdy fellow,
He gets his green coat late;
The willow is smart in a suit of yellow
While brown the beech trees wait.

Such a gay green gown God gives the larches-
As green as he is good!
The hazels hold up their arms for arches,
When spring rides through the wood.

The chestnut’s proud, and the lilac’s pretty,
The poplar’s gentle and tall,
But the plane tree’s kind to the poor dull city-
I love him best of all!

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Grace for President

By Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham

When Grace’s teacher reveals that the United States has never had a female president, Grace decides to be the first. And she immediately starts off her political career as a candidate in the school’s mock election!


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