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The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

The Emperor's RhinocerosThe Emperor’s Rhinoceros: The Amazing Adventures of Ganda the Brave

by Jack Trelawny

Ganda is a happy young rhinoceros living on the Plains of India. One day, he and his mother visit the watering hole. Ferocious hunters attack. Stolen and chained, Ganda begins an incredible journey: from Asia to Africa to Europe. Can the heroes – Ganda, Akeem the apprentice zookeeper, Princess Aisha of Gujarat, and Tikki the clever tickbird – foil the plans of Raja Kadar, the tyrant of Rajasthan?

Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros, a drawing and woodcut


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Juste de l’eau

The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. Couples meet again after a long separation and hug one another. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city…

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by Nuno Rocha, 6 mins, Portugal, 2010
A night watchman and a janitor meet unexpectedly on a basketball court.

Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival

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