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by Helme Heine

Charlie Rooster, Johnny Mouse, and Percy the pig are the best of friends. They do “everything” together. They ride their bike together, play games together, and even do their chores together. Because that’s what good friends do. When night falls, though, and it’s time to go to bed, they learn that sometimes friends have to be apart. But that’s okay, because true friends always find each other, even if it’s just in their dreams.



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Stories within Stories

Stories within Stories: From the Jewish Oral Tradition

by Peninnah Schram


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The Night before Christmas



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GREECE: Christmas Goblins

Greek Christmas customs & traditions: Kallikantzaroi (Christmas goblins)


During the year Kallikantzari are forced to live underground. Here, they spend their time sawing away at the pagan World Tree in hopes of bringing it down, forcing the earth to collapse in on itself and basically killing us and everything we know.


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Amazing Water: An Introduction to Classical Music

amazing-waterAmazing Water: An Introduction to Classical Music
by The Secret Mountain

The works of Vivaldi, Beethoven, Debussy, and others are introduced to children by demonstrating how water—from the sea, rivers, fountains, rainfall and so forth—has inspired the composers.


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Short Stories for Thanksgiving

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Naqqāli, Iranian dramatic story-telling

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