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When the Sun Goes Dark

When the Sun Goes Dark

by Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz

This richly illustrated book is a fun way to help young astronomers understand all the excitement during a solar eclipse. The book tells how two curious children and their grandparents re-create eclipses in their living room using a lamp, a tennis ball, two Hula Hoops, and table tennis balls. Later, in the backyard and around the house, the family explores safe ways to view a solar eclipse and ponder phenomena from sunspots to phases of the Moon. Written by the authors of NSTA’s award-winning book Solar Science, When the Sun Goes Dark gives children and adults hands-on techniques for learning the science behind eclipses of the Sun and Moon.



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Great American Eclipse 2017


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U is for… Universe

Universe in the Classroom: Getting Ready for the All American Eclipse! . pdf


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T is for… Totality


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SCIENCE: A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses


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COLOR: The Eclipse Dragon

NASA Sun-Earth Day
Total Eclipse of the Moon


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ScienceCasts: Total Eclipse of the Sun


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